Product ID Title Published Type
3002012124 Commercial and Industrial Report for Electric Transportation 29-Nov-17 Technical Results
3002006036 Market and Technology Assessment of Electric Transport Refrigeration Units 22-Dec-15 Technical Results
3002006161 Versatile Auxiliary Power System for Fleet Vehicle Electrification - 2015 Update 21-Dec-15 Technical Results
3002006163 State of Hybrid and Plug-in Electric Marine Technology 17-Dec-15 Technical Results
3002002926 Factory Testing of a Versatile Plug-in Auxiliary Power System for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Fleet Vehicles: Interim Report 09-Dec-2014 Technical Update
3002004767 Commercial and Industrial Electric Transportation Technology Matrix: Technology Options for 2014 13-Nov-2014 Technical Update
3002004764 Survey of Electric Transportation Infrastructure at Worldwide Ports 26-Nov-2014 Technical Update
3002000340 Market Assessment of Non-road Electric Transportation Technologies for Florida Power and Light 13-Nov-2014 Technical Report
3002004094 Evaluation of Electric Rubber-Tired Gantry Cranes at the Port of Savannah 09-Sep-2014 Technical Report
3002000295 Assessment of Compressed Natural Gas and Electricity as Transportation Fuels for Utility Fleets and Utility Customers 30-Apr-2014 Technical Report
3002001931 Market Assessments of Non-Road Electric Transportation Technologies for Southern Company 18-Mar-2014 Technical Update
3002004192 Houston Area Ports Equipment Electrification Assessment 23-Jun-2014 Technical Update
3002000293 Intermodal Centers and Their Use of Electric Wide-Span Cranes 30-Dec-2013 Technical Update
3002001556 Electric Utility Terrain Vehicle Demonstration in a Military Base Application 24-Jul-2013 Technical Report
1025102 PRE-SW NonRoad Electrification Model v1.0 - BETA 8-Apr-2013 Software
1026824 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Yard Tractor Next Generation Recommendations 30-Nov-2012 Technical Results
1025483 Market Assessments of Non-Road Electrotechnologies for Air Quality Improvement 30-Sep-2012 Technical Results
1024097 Versatile Plug-In Auxiliary Power Unit for Utility Fleet Vehicles 20-Apr-2012 Technical Results
1025061 Rail Yard Switcher Locomotive Electrification — Opportunities Challenges and Impacts 28-Mar-2012 Technical Results
1024841 U.S. Hybrid and Lithium Technology Corporation GAIA Battery: Initial System Characterization for the Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Yard Tractor 1-Mar-2012 Technical Results
1024842 Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Yard Tractor: Performance Characterization Report 20-Feb-2012 Technical Results
1023640 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Yard Tractor: Field Demonstration Results 29-Dec-2011 Technical Results
1023043 Electric Dredging at the Port of Long Beach 16-Dec-2011 Technical Results
1023044 Mining Electrification: Data Collection of Battery Operated Mining Equipment 16-Dec-2011 Technical Results
1023045 Alternative Fueled Fleet Vehicle Analysis 27-Oct-2011 Technical Results
1023202 Austin-Bergstrom International Airport Electrification: Landside Vehicle and Airside Equipment Operations 12-Aug-2011 Technical Results