Technical Reports: Charging

Product ID Title Published Type
3002011098 Presentation on Cost to Charge from the Plugshare Data Set 31-Dec-17 Technical Results
3002007495 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Multi-State Market and Charging Survey 26-Feb-16 Technical Results
3002007144 Gulf Power's Green Pool Vehicles Fuel Employee and Community PEV Engagement 07-Dec-2015 Technical Results
3002006993 NextEra Energy, FPL Spur PEV Adoption through Education and Workplace Charging 04-Dec-2015 Technical Results
3002007142 SRP Cultivates Plug-in Electric Vehicle Community Among Employees and Customers 04-Dec-2015 Technical Results
3002006855 NV Energy Invites Employees and Customers to Charge 25-Sep-15 Technical Results
3002006838 Incentives Drive Employee Plug-in Electric Vehicle Purchases at PG &E 23-Sep-15 Technical Results
3002004096 Guidelines for Infrastructure Planning: An Explanation of the EPRI Red Line/Blue Line Model 16-Jun-2014 Technical Update
3002004054 Total Cost of Ownership for Current Plug-in Electric Vehicles: Update to Model 2013 and 2014 Model Year Vehicles 20-May-2014 Technical Update
3002001621 CenterPoint Energy: Smart Grid Process Review Guides PEV Readiness 17-Mar-2014 Technical Update
3002001623 DTE Energy: Driving the Motor City Toward PEV Readiness 12-Mar-2014 Technical Update
3002001620 Georgia Power: Early Experience Shapes Current Action on PEV Readiness 05-Nov-2013 Technical Update
3002001610 Sacramento Municipal Utility District: Preparing its Distribution System for PEVs 18-Sep-2013 Technical Update
3002001608 San Diego Gas and Electric: Leading the Region to Electric Vehicle Readiness 31-Aug-2013 Technical Update
3002001728 Total Cost of Ownership Model for Current Plug-in Electric Vehicles 10-Jun-2013 Technical Report
1024305 Sub-Metering Scoping Study 30-Dec-2012 Technical Results
1026583 Tennessee Valley Authority Smart Modal Area Recharge Terminal (SMART) Station Project 12-Nov-2012 Technical Results
1022642 Premises Energy Management 9-Nov-2011 Technical Results
1022461 Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Data Dictionary 29-Apr-2011 Technical Results
1020782 Tennessee Valley Authority Smart Modal Area Recharge Terminal (SMART) Station Project 14-Jun-2010 Technical Report
1021285 Characterizing Consumers' Interest in and Infrastructure Expectations for Electric Vehicles: Research Design and Survey Results 19-May-2010 Technical Report
1018578 Regional Economic Impacts of Electric Drive Vehicles and Technologies: Case Study of the Greater Cleveland Area 31-Jul-2009 Technical Report
1018579 Cleveland Transportation Electrification Roadmap 30-Jul-2009 Technical Update
1019301 EPRI Electric Transportation Analysis & Economic Development Roadmap for the Greater Cleveland Area 30-Jul-2009 Technical Update
1018568 International Electrotechnical Commission IEC 61850 Substation Development 25-Mar-2009 Technical Update
1018556 Common Objects for Pricing and Control Communications 13-Jan-2009 Technical Update
1012466 Regional Economic Benefits from Electric Transportation: Case Study of the Cleveland, Ohio Metropolitan Statistical Area 12-Dec-2006 Technical Update
1014597 Electric Transportation Quarterly Reports - Second and Third Quarter 2006 16-Nov-2006 Tech Update 5-Newsletter
1013185 Electric Transportation Quarterly Report - December 2005 30-Mar-2006 Tech Update 5-Newsletter
1012908 Transportation and Electrical Efficiency Potential in the State of Hawaii Using Existing Technologies 31-Oct-2005 Technical Update
1011327 Impact of SEMI F47 on Utilities and Their Customers: Abridged Version 7-Dec-2004 Technical Report
1011264 Broadband Over Powerline 2004: Technology and Prospects 18-Oct-2004 Speeches and Papers
1011058 Bringing It All Together: Potential for California 31-Aug-2004 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1011066 Electric Transportation: A Significant Opportunity for California 31-Aug-2004 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1011001 Power Delivery System of the Future: A Preliminary Estimate of Costs and Benefits 26-Jul-2004 Technical Report
1001575 Mobile Distributed Resources: Communication Network 10-Feb-2003 Tech Update 4-Tech Issue
TR-105608 Contact Selection for Conductive Coupling of Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment 11-Nov-1995 Technical Report
EA-623 The Impact of Electric Passenger Automobiles on Utility System Loads, 1985-2000 1-Jul-1978 Technical Report