Technical Reports: Charging

Product ID Title Published Type
3002011592 Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Technology Update 20-Dec-17 Technical Results
3002011617 A Test Procedure for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment 5-Dec-17 Technical Results
3002011616 National Electric Transportation Infrastructure Working Council: 2017 Annual Report 4-Dec-17 Technical Results
3002009499 Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Technology Update 6-Apr-17 Technical Results
3002009500 National Electric Transportation Infrastructure Working Council (IWC): 2016 Annual Report 31-Mar-17 Technical Results
3002008764 Electric Transportation Update: Hotline Summary May 2016 10-May-16 Technical Results
3002008312 Electric Transportation Update March 2016 30-Mar-16 Technical Results
3002005994 Open Vehicle-Grid Integration Platform – Unified Approach to Grid / Vehicle Integration: Definition of Use Case Requirements 21-Dec-15 Technical Results
3002005921 Progress and Prospects of Advanced Lithium Ion Batteries 18-Dec-15 Technical Results
3002005977 Plug-in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Technology Update 7-Dec-15 Technical Results
3002005970 National Electric Transportation Infrastructure Working Council (IWC): 2015 Annual 7-Dec-15 Technical Results
3002004906 PEPCO Demand Management: Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) Charging Pilot 24-Mar-15 Technical Results
3002004903 Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) Load Pattern Analysis: A Data-Mining Approach – Identifying Households with Plug-In Electric Vehicle 31-Dec-2014 Technical Update
3002004037 Open Vehicle-Grid Integration Platform: Phase 1 Development Update 31-Dec-2014 Technical Update
3002002930 Data Acquisition Requirements for Fleet and Vehicle Analyses 30-Dec-2014 Technical Update
3002003007 Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Technology Update 23-Dec-2014 Technical Update
3002004902 15KV Class 25KVA Single-Phase IUT Field Prototype Development: 2014 Update 22-Dec-2014 Technical Update
3002002931 Plug-in Electric Vehicle Multi-State Market and Charging Survey 20-Dec-2014 Technical Update
3002003008 Plug-in Electric Vehicles as Distributed Energy Resources - Technology Update 13-Dec-2014 Technical Update
3002003003 National Electric Transportation Infrastructure Working Council (IWC): 2014 Annual Report 15-Dec-2014 Technical Update
3002003004 Data Sources, Methodologies, and Descriptions for Vehicle Registration and Projection Reports 27-Oct-2014 Technical Update
3002000665 Unified Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) to Smart Grid Integration Approach within Automotive and Utility Industries 30-Dec-2013 Technical Update
3002000658 Measurement of Initial Market Acceptance of Plug-in Electric Vehicles 18-Dec-2013 Technical Update
3002000663 National Electric Transportation Infrastructure Working Council (IWC): 2013 Annual Report 17-Dec-2013 Technical Update
3002001609 Duke Energy: Charging Demos Inform PEV Readiness Planning 17-Dec-2013 Technical Update
3002000661 15KV Class 25KVA Single-Phase IUT Prototype Development Testing and Performance Verification 12-Dec-2013 Technical Update
3002001622 ComEd: Engaging in Policy to Become PEV Ready 11-Dec-2013 Technical Update
3002000581 A Review of Initial Analysis and Early Market Data on DC Fast Charging 07-Dec-2013 Technical Update
3002000577 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Installed Cost Analysis 06-Dec-2013 Technical Report
3002000575 Total Cost of Ownership for Current Plug-in Electric Vehicles: Fall 2013 Update 06-Dec-2013 Technical Update
3002000274 Analysis of Automatic Control Data for Storage Operations 05-Dec-2013 Technical Update
1023675 Smart Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Demand Response Pilot 31-Dec-2012 Technical Results
1024106 Utility Direct Medium Voltage DC Fast Charger Update: DC Fast Charger Characterization 31-Dec-2012 Technical Results
1024101 Understanding the Grid Impacts of Plug-In Electric Vehicles (PEV): Phase 1 Study -- Distribution Impact Case Studies 31-Dec-2012 Technical Results
1024099 National Electric Transportation Infrastructure Working Council (IWC): 2012 Annual Report 31-Dec-2012 Technical Results
1024100 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Test and Evaluation 31-Dec-2012 Technical Results
1024102 Guidelines for Infrastructure Planning 7-Dec-2012 Technical Results
1021742 Vehicle Infrastructure Connectivity and Communications -- Requirements and Testing 30-Dec-2011 Technical Results
1021847 Emerging Technology and Architecture Approaches for Plug-in Electric Vehicles to Smart Grid Connectivity 21-Dec-2011 Technical Results
1021741 The Efficacy of Electric Vehicle Time-of-Use Rates in Guiding Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Charging Behavior 20-Dec-2011 Technical Results
1021849 National Electric Transportation Infrastructure Working Council (IWC): 2011 Annual Report 17-Dec-2011 Technical Results
1021743 Direct Current Fast Charger System Characterization: Standards Penetration Potential Testing and Performance Evaluation 14-Dec-2011 Technical Results
1023571 BMW MINI E Smart Charging Analysis for FirstEnergy 30-Nov-2011 Technical Results
1022642 Premises Energy Management 9-Nov-2011 Technical Results
1021636 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Charging Load Profile Forecasts for the Salt River Project Service Area 30-Jun-2011 Technical Results
1018629 Reaping the Benefits of Transportation Electrification in Northeastern Ohio 30-Jul-2009 Technical Update
1015244 Electric Transportation Quarterly Report - May 2007 11-Jun-2007 Tech Update 5-Newsletter
1014775 Electric Transportation Quarterly Report December 2006 7-Mar-2007 Tech Update 5-Newsletter
1013300 Electric Transportation Quarterly Report - March 2006 28-Apr-2006 Tech Update 5-Newsletter
1012626 Electric Transporation Quarterly Report --June & September 2005 3-Oct-2005 Tech Update 5-Newsletter
1012055 Electric Transportation Quarterly Report March 2005 12-Sep-2005 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1011540 Electric Transportation Quarterly Report--December 2004 21-Feb-2005 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1008786 National Electric Transportation Infrastructure Working Council: 2004 Annual Report 21-Feb-2005 Technical Update