Product ID Title Published Type
3002010974 Reports on Recent Generation Trends for Electric Transportation 28-Dec-17 Technical Results
3002011613 Plug-in Electric Vehicle Market Projections: Scenarios and Impacts 18-Dec-17 Technical Results
3002011753 Program on Technology Innovation: EVS30 Symposium Ð Stuttgart Germany October 9 - 11 2017 Vision for and Implementation of a National High Power DC Fast Charging Network 15-Nov-17 Technical Results
3002011789 Electric Transportation Update September 2017 29-Sep-17 Technical Results
3002011663 Electric Transportation Update: August 2017 31-Aug-17 Technical Results
3002011640 Electric Transportation Quarterly Update: July 2017 25-Aug-17 Technical Results
3002011465 Electric Transportation Newsletter - June 2017 25-Jul-17 Technical Results
3002011343 Electric Transportation Update: May 2017 30-May-17 Technical Results
3002010891 Electric Transportation Update March 2017 31-Mar-17 Technical Results
3002009824 A U.S. Consumer's Guide to Electric Vehicles 1-Mar-17 Technical Results
3002010032 Electric Transportation Update: February 2017 28-Feb-17 Technical Results
3002009705 Electric Transportation Update: December 2016 13-Jan-17 Technical Results
3002009706 Electric Transportation Update: November 2016 13-Jan-17 Technical Results
3002008764 Electric Transportation Update: Hotline Summary May 2016 10-May-16 Technical Results
3002008312 Electric Transportation Update March 2016 30-Mar-16 Technical Results
3002005949 Plug-in Electric Vehicle Projections: Scenarios and Impacts 17-Dec-15 Technical Results
3002005989 Plug-In Electric Vehicles as Distributed Energy Resources - Technology Update 9-Dec-15 Technical Results
3002006566 Plug-In Hybrid Medium-Duty Truck Demonstration and Evaluation 31-Aug-15 Technical Results
3002005948 A Consumer's Guide to Plug-In Electric Vehicles 18-Feb-2016 Technical Results
3002004221 A Consumer's Guide to Plug-In Electric Vehicles 29-Jul-2014 Technical Update
3002001314 Lithium Ion Technology Status and Directions: 2013 Update 27-Dec-2013 Technical Update
3002000582 Automated Discovery of Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charging Using AMI Meter Data: Initial Algorithm Development and Validation 22-Dec-2013 Technical Update
1024104 Methods and Protocols for Estimating the Localized Rate of Adoption Electric Vehicles and Associated Impacts 31-Dec-2012 Technical Results
1024103 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Adoption and Load Forecasting 31-Dec-2012 Technical Results
1024093 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Evaluation and Test Data Analysis 20-Dec-2012 Technical Results
1022643 Plug-in Electric Vehicle Fleet Valuation 14-Dec-2012 Technical Results
1024094 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Lithium-Ion Battery Cost and Advanced Battery Technologies Forecasts 12-Dec-2012 Technical Results
1024105 Evaluation of Power Line Carrier Technologies for Plug-In Electric Vehicle Communications 12-Dec-2012 Technical Results
1025848 Total Cost of Ownership for Current Plug-in Electric Vehicles 4-Dec-2012 Technical Results
1025825 Texas Plugs In: Houston and San Antonio Residents' Expectations of and Purchase Intentions for Plug-In Electric Vehicles 14-Sep-2012 Technical Results
1021739 Total Cost of Ownership Models for Plug-in Electric Vehicles 31-Dec-2011 Technical Results
1021740 Advanced Components for Plug-in Electric Vehicles 23-Dec-2011 Technical Results
1021848 Transportation Statistics Analysis for Electric Transportation 21-Dec-2001 Technical Results
1022729 TVA Electric Vehicle Survey: Consumer Expectations for Electric Vehicles 10-Oct-2011 Technical Results
1022728 Southern Company Electric Vehicle Survey: Consumer Expectations for Electric Vehicles 10-Oct-2011 Technical Results
1021334 Transportation Electrification: A Technology Overview 18-Jul-2011 Technical Results
1021482 Plug-in Fuel Cell Vehicle Technology and Value Analysis Phase 1: Preliminary Findings and Plan for Detailed Study 29-Jul-2010 Technical Report
1020647 Plug-In Hybrid Emissions Characterization and Demonstration Study 22-Mar-2010 Technical Report
1019474 Evaluation of Emerging Battery Technologies for Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles 24-Aug-2009 Technical Update
1018578 Regional Economic Impacts of Electric Drive Vehicles and Technologies: Case Study of the Greater Cleveland Area 31-Jul-2009 Technical Report
1018579 Cleveland Transportation Electrification Roadmap 30-Jul-2009 Technical Update
1018629 Reaping the Benefits of Transportation Electrification in Northeastern Ohio 30-Jul-2009 Technical Update
1019301 EPRI Electric Transportation Analysis & Economic Development Roadmap for the Greater Cleveland Area 30-Jul-2009 Technical Update
1015325 Environmental Assessment of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Volume 1: Nationwide Greenhouse Gas Emissions 23-Jul-2007 Technical Report
1015326 Environmental Assessment of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Volume 2: United States Air Quality Analysis Based on AEO-2006 Assumptions for 2030 23-Jul-2007 Technical Report
1015244 Electric Transportation Quarterly Report - May 2007 11-Jun-2007 Tech Update 5-Newsletter
1014775 Electric Transportation Quarterly Report December 2006 7-Mar-2007 Tech Update 5-Newsletter
1012462 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Data Collection and Analysis Plan 27-Feb-2007 Technical Report
1012466 Regional Economic Benefits from Electric Transportation: Case Study of the Cleveland, Ohio Metropolitan Statistical Area 12-Dec-2006 Technical Update
1012461 Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Environmental Analysis--Electric Sector Modeling of CO2 Emissions 29-Nov-2006 Technical Update
1012459 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Powertrain Requirements 21-Nov-2006 Technical Update
1014597 Electric Transportation Quarterly Reports - Second and Third Quarter 2006 16-Nov-2006 Tech Update 5-Newsletter
1013300 Electric Transportation Quarterly Report - March 2006 28-Apr-2006 Tech Update 5-Newsletter
1013185 Electric Transportation Quarterly Report - December 2005 30-Mar-2006 Tech Update 5-Newsletter
1010569 Overview of Methodologies for the Determination of Fuel-Cycle Emissions for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles 27-Feb-2006 Technical Report
1010565 Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles 23-Dec-2005 Technical Update
1010201 Batteries for Electric Drive Vehicles - Status 2005 29-Nov-2005 Technical Report
1012908 Transportation and Electrical Efficiency Potential in the State of Hawaii Using Existing Technologies 31-Oct-2005 Technical Report
1012626 Electric Transporation Quarterly Report --June & September 2005 3-Oct-2005 Tech Update 5-Newsletter
1012055 Electric Transportation Quarterly Report March 2005 12-Sep-2005 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1011996 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Changing the Energy Landscape 4-May-2005 Tech Update 4-Tech Issue
1008761 Plug-In Hybrid Electric Sprinter Van - Final Design Specification: Phase 1 Prototype Vehicles 29-Mar-2005 Technical Report
1008762 Plug-In Hybrid Electric Sprinter Van Prototype: Initial Test Results 29-Mar-2005 Technical Update
1008764 Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery Test Results: 2004 Final Report 29-Mar-2005 Technical Report
1011540 Electric Transportation Quarterly Report--December 2004 21-Feb-2005 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1008763 Hybrid Electric Vehicle Working Group: 2004 Annual Update 15-Feb-2005 Technical Update
1011058 Bringing It All Together: Potential for California 31-Aug-2004 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1011066 Electric Transportation: A Significant Opportunity for California 31-Aug-2004 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1011064 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles 31-Aug-2004 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1010912 Electric Transportation Quarterly Report - March 2004: Linking Electricity to Transportation 29-Jul-2004 Tech Update 5-Newsletter
1011046 Electric Transportation Quarterly Report - June 2004 28-Jul-2004 Tech Update 5-Newsletter
1009299 Advanced Batteries for Electric-Drive Vehicles: A Technology and Cost-Effectiveness Assessment for Battery Electric Vehicles, Power Assist Hybrid Electric Vehicles, and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles 31-May-2004 Technical Report
1009429 Electric Transportation Quarterly Report - December 2003 31-Mar-2004 Technical Update
1002228 Test Profile Development for the Evaluation of Battery Cycle Life for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles 29-Mar-2004 Technical Report
1002229 Test Protocol for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Commercial Vans 16-Dec-2003 Technical Report
1008951 Feasibility and Calculated Performance of Near-Term Pulse Energy Storage Components for Use in Mass Transit Vehicles 31-Jul-2003 Technical Report
1001575 Mobile Distributed Resources: Communication Network 10-Feb-2003 Tech Update 4-Tech Issue
1001588 Electric Vehicles in a Station Car Demonstration: A Case Study of the New York Power Authority Clean Commute Program 6-Jan-2003 Technical Report
1001632 Hybrid Electric Vehicle Alliance: 2002 Annual Report 11-Nov-2002 Technical Report
1001587 Analysis of Ultracapacitors for Use in a Grid-Connected Hybrid Electric Vehicle 30-Oct-2002 Technical Report
1006892 Comparing the Benefits and Impacts of Hybrid Electric Vehicle Options for Compact Sedan and Sport Utility Vehicles 23-Jul-2002 Technical Report
1006004 System Control Strategy and Simulation Development for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles 15-Mar-2002 Tech Brief
1006752 Grid-Connected Electric Coach: Feasibility Study 7-Feb-2002 Technical Report
EM-4701 Evaluation of Near-Term Electric Vehicle Battery Systems through In-Vehicle Testing 1-Dec-1986 Technical Report