Product ID Title Published Type
3002012124 Commercial and Industrial Report for Electric Transportation 29-Nov-17 Technical Results
3002009754 Initial Data for Non-Light-Duty Electric Transportation Options 17-Feb-17 Technical Results
3002006036 Market and Technology Assessment of Electric Transport Refrigeration Units 22-Dec-15 Technical Results
3002006161 Versatile Auxiliary Power System for Fleet Vehicle Electrification - 2015 Update 21-Dec-15 Technical Results
3002006163 State of Hybrid and Plug-in Electric Marine Technology 17-Dec-15 Technical Results
3002007147 Battery Electric Ferry: The Ampere in Norway 07-Dec-2015 Technical Results
3002007146 Plug-in Hybrid Tugboats: The Carolyn Dorothy and the Campbell Foss in California 04-Dec-2015 Technical Results
3002005805 Electric Forklifts 28-Apr-2015 Applications
3002005924 Truck Stop Electrification 28-Apr-2015 Applications
3002005773 Medium- and Heavy-Duty Plug-in Hybrid Work Trucks 21-Apr-2015 Applications
3002005925 Transport Refrigeration Units 21-Apr-2015 Applications
3002005807 Electric Underground Mining Equipment 21-Apr-2015 Applications
3002005740 Electric Utility and Utility-Terrain Vehicles 21-Apr-2015 Applications
3002005771 Mobile Electric Airport Ground Support Equipment 21-Apr-2015 Applications
3002005772 Electric Surface Mining Equipment 21-Apr-2015 Applications
3002005742 Medium-Duty Plug-in Hybrid Fleet and Delivery Trucks 21-Apr-2015 Applications
3002005806 Stationary Electric Airport Ground Support Equipment 21-Apr-2015 Applications
3002004898 Commercial & Industrial Guide to Electric Transportation 17-Feb-2015 Brochure
3002002926 Factory Testing of a Versatile Plug-in Auxiliary Power System for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Fleet Vehicles: Interim Report 09-Dec-2014 Technical Update
3002004767 Commercial and Industrial Electric Transportation Technology Matrix: Technology Options for 2014 13-Nov-2014 Technical Update
3002004764 Survey of Electric Transportation Infrastructure at Worldwide Ports 26-Nov-2014 Technical Update
3002000340 Market Assessment of Non-road Electric Transportation Technologies for Florida Power and Light 13-Nov-2014 Technical Report
3002004560 Electric Lift Truck Training 17-Sep-2014 Software
3002004340 EPRI Lift Truck Calculator (Android), v1 28-Aug-2014 Software
3002004094 Evaluation of Electric Rubber-Tired Gantry Cranes at the Port of Savannah 09-Sep-2014 Technical Report
3002000295 Assessment of Compressed Natural Gas and Electricity as Transportation Fuels for Utility Fleets and Utility Customers 30-Apr-2014 Technical Report
3002001931 Market Assessments of Non-Road Electric Transportation Technologies for Southern Company 18-Mar-2014 Technical Update
3002004192 Houston Area Ports Equipment Electrification Assessment 23-Jun-2014 Technical Update
3002000293 Intermodal Centers and Their Use of Electric Wide-Span Cranes 30-Dec-2013 Technical Update
3002000292 Electric Forklift Conversion Transforms Building Products Manufacturer 17-Dec-2013 Technical Update
3002001559 Electric Utility Terrain Vehicle Demonstration at a Military Base in Florida 31-Jul-2013 Technical Update
3002001556 Electric Utility Terrain Vehicle Demonstration in a Military Base Application 24-Jul-2013 Technical Report
1025102 PRE-SW NonRoad Electrification Model v1.0 - BETA 8-Apr-2013 Software
1026824 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Yard Tractor Next Generation Recommendations 30-Nov-2012 Technical Results
1025483 Market Assessments of Non-Road Electrotechnologies for Air Quality Improvement 30-Sep-2012 Technical Results
1025847 Outdoor Electric Heavy-Duty Lift Truck Demonstration at Progress Energy Florida 23-Aug-2012 Technical Results
1024096 Rail Yard Switcher Locomotive Electrification Potential 14-May-2012 Technical Results
1024097 Versatile Plug-In Auxiliary Power Unit for Utility Fleet Vehicles 20-Apr-2012 Technical Results
1025061 Rail Yard Switcher Locomotive Electrification — Opportunities Challenges and Impacts 28-Mar-2012 Technical Results
1024841 U.S. Hybrid and Lithium Technology Corporation GAIA Battery: Initial System Characterization for the Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Yard Tractor 1-Mar-2012 Technical Results
1024842 Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Yard Tractor: Performance Characterization Report 20-Feb-2012 Technical Results
1023640 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Yard Tractor: Field Demonstration Results 29-Dec-2011 Technical Results
1023534 EPRI Lift Truck Calculator Version 1.0 Mobile Application 19-Dec-2011 Technical Results
1023043 Electric Dredging at the Port of Long Beach 16-Dec-2011 Technical Results
1023044 Mining Electrification: Data Collection of Battery Operated Mining Equipment 16-Dec-2011 Technical Results
1023045 Alternative Fueled Fleet Vehicle Analysis 27-Oct-2011 Technical Results
1023202 Austin-Bergstrom International Airport Electrification: Landside Vehicle and Airside Equipment Operations 12-Aug-2011 Technical Results
1022494 Economic and Environmental Analysis of Fuel Cell Powered Materials Handling Equipment 31-Dec-2010 Technical Update
1020646 Electric Cable Reel Rubber-Tired Gantry Cranes: Costs and Benefits 24-Mar-2010 Technical Update
1020648 Options and Opportunities for Rail Electrification in the United States 15-Feb-2010 Technical Report
1020510 Electric Ship to Shore Cranes: Costs and Benefits 21-Dec-2009 Technical Update
1020515 Electric Outdoor Lift Trucks:  New Technologies Meet Customer Needs 17-Dec-2009 Technical Update
1020482 Electric Retrofit for Airport Container Pallet Loader 24-Nov-2009 Technical Update
1020278 Mining Electrification: Potential and Benefits 10-Nov-2009 Technical Update
1018578 Regional Economic Impacts of Electric Drive Vehicles and Technologies: Case Study of the Greater Cleveland Area 31-Jul-2009 Technical Report
1018579 Cleveland Transportation Electrification Roadmap 30-Jul-2009 Technical Update
1018629 Reaping the Benefits of Transportation Electrification in Northeastern Ohio 30-Jul-2009 Technical Update
1019301 EPRI Electric Transportation Analysis & Economic Development Roadmap for the Greater Cleveland Area 30-Jul-2009 Technical Update
1019303 Truck Stop Electrification: Codes and Standards Ensure Safety for The Trucking Industry 8-May-2009 Technical Update
1015880 Electrification of Dredge Equipment: A Port of Mobile Case Study 22-Dec-2008 Technical Update
1016963 Class I Electric Industrial Forklifts 24-Jul-2008 Technical Update
1016465 Electrification at Ports: A Port of Houston, Texas Electrification Case Study and Options for Electric Cranes 31-Mar-2008 Technical Update
1016392 Southwest Airlines Saves Money and Fuel, Cuts Emissions With Electrification 4-Mar-2008 Tech Update 4-Tech Issue
1013879 Environmental and Electric Strategies at Seaports:  A Port of Seattle, Washington Case Study 10-Dec-2007 Tech Update 4-Tech Issue
1015244 Electric Transportation Quarterly Report - May 2007 11-Jun-2007 Tech Update 5-Newsletter
1014775 Electric Transportation Quarterly Report December 2006 7-Mar-2007 Tech Update 5-Newsletter
1014421 Electric Ground Support Equipment: An Airline's Success 18-Jan-2007 Tech Update 4-Tech Issue
1012466 Regional Economic Benefits from Electric Transportation: Case Study of the Cleveland, Ohio Metropolitan Statistical Area 12-Dec-2006 Technical Update
1014597 Electric Transportation Quarterly Reports - Second and Third Quarter 2006 16-Nov-2006 Tech Update 5-Newsletter
1013648 Diesel Engine Idle Reduction in Class 8 Trucks Using On-Vehicle Equipment with Optional Shore Power 31-Aug-2006 Tech Update 4-Tech Issue
1013300 Electric Transportation Quarterly Report - March 2006 28-Apr-2006 Tech Update 5-Newsletter
1013185 Electric Transportation Quarterly Report - December 2005 30-Mar-2006 Tech Update 5-Newsletter
1012920 Diesel Engine Idle Reduction in Class 8 Trucks Using On-Vehicle Equipment with Optional Shore Power 27-Mar-2006 Technical Report
1010578 Common Issues of Seaport Electrification 24-Jan-2006 Tech Update 4-Tech Issue
1010562 Diesel Engine Idle Reduction in Class 8 Trucks Using On-Vehicle Shore Power -Lessons Learned 20-Dec-2005 Tech Update 4-Tech Issue
1012962 Airport Passenger Loading Bridge Power-Sharing Demonstration 15-Dec-2005 Tech Update 4-Tech Issue
1012908 Transportation and Electrical Efficiency Potential in the State of Hawaii Using Existing Technologies 31-Oct-2005 Technical Update
1012626 Electric Transporation Quarterly Report --June & September 2005 3-Oct-2005 Tech Update 5-Newsletter
1012055 Electric Transportation Quarterly Report March 2005 12-Sep-2005 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1010572 Truck Stop Electrification Voltage Specifications: The Appropriate Design of the Power Distribution Infrastructure 26-Apr-2005 Technical Update
1008769 Lift Truck Comparisons: DC Drives Versus AC Drives 31-Mar-2005 Tech Update 4-Tech Issue
1011540 Electric Transportation Quarterly Report--December 2004 21-Feb-2005 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1008777 Truck Stop Electrification: A Cost-Effective Solution to Reducing Truck Idling 27-Dec-2004 Technical Update
1009990 Case Study: Transport Refrigeration Units 22-Dec-2004 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1008772 Peak Load Reduction Program for Non-Road Electric Vehicles 15-Dec-2004 Tech Update 4-Tech Issue
1011254 Fast Charging for Electric Lift Trucks: A GM-Spring Hill Success: Case Study 13-Dec-2004 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1008773 Non-Road Electric Vehicle Emissions Analysis and Recommendations: Case Study 7-Dec-2004 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1008966 Alternative Fueled Vehicles in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Cades Cove 29-Nov-2004 Technical Report
1008784 GM-Spring Hill Manufacturing Operations General Assembly Plant: A Fast Charging Demonstration 25-Oct-2004 Technical Report
1008774 Transport Refrigeration Equipment: Cost-Effective Emissions Reduction 29-Sep-2004 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1009992 Transport Refrigeration Units: A Technical Assessment 29-Sep-2004 Technical Update
1011058 Bringing It All Together: Potential for California 31-Aug-2004 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1011066 Electric Transportation: A Significant Opportunity for California 31-Aug-2004 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1011062 Marine Terminal Electric Technologies 31-Aug-2004 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1011063 Non-Road Zero-Emission Vehicles Burden and Personnel Carriers, and Turf Trucks 31-Aug-2004 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1011065 Electric Transport Refrigeration Units 31-Aug-2004 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1011056 Truck Stop Electrification 30-Aug-2004 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1011057 Airport Electric Technologies 30-Aug-2004 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1011059 Electric Lawn and Garden Equipment 30-Aug-2004 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1011061 Non-Road Zero-Emission Vehicles Electric Lift Trucks in California 30-Aug-2004 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1011067 Non-Road Zero-Emission Vehicles Sweepers, Scrubbers, and Varnishers 30-Aug-2004 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1010912 Electric Transportation Quarterly Report - March 2004: Linking Electricity to Transportation 29-Jul-2004 Tech Update 5-Newsletter
1011046 Electric Transportation Quarterly Report - June 2004 28-Jul-2004 Tech Update 5-Newsletter
1008776 Airport Passenger Loading Bridge Electrical Load Study 15-Jul-2004 Technical Report
1008783 Transport Refrigeration Equipment: Analysis of Emissions and Economics of Electrification 30-Jun-2004 Technical Report
1010055 Fast Charging: Viable and Economical: A Case Study 30-Jun-2004 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1009429 Electric Transportation Quarterly Report - December 2003 31-Mar-2004 Technical Update
1002237 Evaluation of Opportunities for Fast Charging Applications at Del Monte 11-Mar-2004 Technical Report
1002240 Fast Charging Demonstration Increases Plant Productivity and Safety — Lowers Energy Costs 17-Dec-2003 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1002239 Non-Road Electric Transportation: Advancing Utility and Customer Success 11-Dec-2003 Technical Update
1008393 Market Segment Analysis for Forklifts and Industrial Tow Tractors 11-Dec-2003 Technical Update
1002238 The Changing World of Electric Transportation - Electric Material Handling for Industrial/Commercial Success Workshop and Expo: May 20, 2003 - Birmingham, Alabama 17-Nov-2003 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1009202 Electric Materials Handling - Electric Idle Reduction for Trucks Workshop: September 16-17, 2003 - Sacramento, CA 3-Nov-2003 Technical Report
1009229 Energy Efficiency Study of Non-Road Electric Vehicles: An Investigation of Current Practice and Data 1-Nov-2003 Technical Update
1002248 Mercedes-Benz U.S. International: Fast Charging Demonstration Project 6-Oct-2003 Technical Update
1002244 Non-Road Electric Vehicle Emissions: Analysis and Recommendations 18-Aug-2003 Technical Report
1002250 ABCs of Fast Charging: Non-Road Electric Transportation Program 21-May-2003 Tech Update 2-Resource Info
1001586 Truckstop Electrification Implementation Plan: A Diesel Engine Idle Reduction in Class 8 Trucks Using On-Vehicle Shore-Power National Demonstration Project 13-Jan-2003 Technical Update
1007518 Lift Trucks and Market Potential: 2002 Addendum to EPRI TR-109189, "Electric Lift Trucks -- Market Description and Business Opportunities" 29-Dec-2002 Technical Update
1001596 Market Evaluation and Outreach Tools for Non-Road Electric Vehicles, Version 1.0 23-Dec-2002 Software
1007294 Power Quality Impacts of Airport Ground Support Equipment Charging Systems 24-Oct-2002 Technical Report
1002653 400Hz Ground Support Equipment Charging Infrastructure: Final Report 17-Oct-2002 Technical Update
1001597 Airport Target Meeting, February 12, 2002; Airport Advisory Council Meeting, February 13, 2002 at EPRI Regional Office, Dallas, Texas: How Can Electric Utilities Support Airports? 16-Sep-2002 Technical Update
1007258 Ford Chicago Assembly Fast Charging Project 21-Aug-2002 Technical Report
1006012 Ford Chicago Assembly Fast Charging Project: Preliminary Report 27-Mar-2002 Technical Report
1006751 IRT Interest and Needs Assessment: Results of Focus Group Meetings with IRT Utility Customers 23-Jan-2002 Technical Update
CA-114489-R1 Airport EV Deployment and Installation: EPRI Brings Together Utility, Airport and Airline To Share Environmental, Community and Economic Benefits of Electric Airport GSE 29-Mar-2000 Case Study
TR-106559 The Environmental and Energy Benefits of Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers 6-Sep-1996 Technical Report