Commercial and Industrial Electric Transportation

Commercial and Industrial Electric Transportation technologies are helping reduce emissions and fuel consumption in locations off the beaten path, including seaport loading docks, airport runways, warehouses and manufacturing plants. This specialized equipment not only saves customers money, but improves their operating efficiencies and maintenance programs as well.

Since 1994, EPRI's Commercial and Industrial Electric Transportation program has performed technology demonstrations, developed case studies and information to communicate benefits to utilities and their customers. EPRI has also participated in developing standards to ensure the interoperability and safety of electrical connections and charging infrastructure. EPRI facilitates technology transfer by hosting meetings where utility staff, regulators and industry experts discuss the latest research along with demonstration successes, challenges and opportunities. The program has focused on four key segments: seaports, airports, industrial material handling and truck stop electrification. Rail, agriculture and military electric vehicles have recently been added to the research portfolio.

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