Lift Trucks

Material handling vehicles are used in virtually every industry to transfer cargo, stock and pallets. Today, the use of material handling vehicles in the United States is a $150 billion per year industry.

The lift truck is one of the most widely used material handling vehicles. Although lift trucks have traditionally been fueled by propane gas or diesel fuel, more than 61% of trucks currently purchased are battery-powered. Electric lift trucks provide many benefits, such as:

  • Cost savings - realized through reduced fuel costs, lower life cycle costs and lower maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly - realized through elimination of combustion and fumes
  • Efficiency - realized through increased productivity, quieter operation and increased comfort and safety

Interactive Educational Course

EPRI together with the Edison Electric Institute, have developed an interactive educational course that will provide knowledge to users to identify opportunities for lift truck electrification and provide solutions and information to customers. Included in this training is discussion of the cost benefits, information on electric advantages, operational benefits and concludes with case studies and resources for more information.

Lift truck Training - Flash version (desktop)

Lift truck Training - HTML5 version (mobile)

To implement the tool on your own server for the benefit of your employees please visit the EPRI webpage to download the full files.

Cost Calculators

EPRI has developed two calculators that allow you to determine the true life cycle cost savings and estimated environmental benefit of electrics versus their internal combustion counterpart with the ability to tailor the results for a specific customer operation.

Lift Truck Comparison
Compare electric versus combustion and propane (LP) life cycle costs.
Lift Truck Comparison with Capital Costs
Compare electric versus combustion and propane (LP) life cycle costs including the ability to adjust the capital costs.
EPRI Lift Truck Calculator (Android), v1

EPRI Lift Truck Calculator (iTunes ), v1
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