Forklift (Lift Truck) Comparison with Capital Costs

This tool allows for the comparison of lifecycle costs and emissions for electric, propane, and diesel forklifts.

Lift Capacity (lbs)

Operating Hours

Energy Prices

O&M Costs

Months of Operation

Capital Costs

Electric Propane Diesel

Energy Consumption

Electric (kWh) Propane (MMBtu) Diesel (MMBtu)

Electric vs Propane

Electric vs Diesel

Electric Electric
Propane Diesel
Savings Savings
+ +
lbs CO2 lbs CO2
lbs NOX lbs NOX
lbs SOX lbs SOX


  1. Electric Emissions Factors represent national averages for 2018 (United States Electricity Profile)
  2. Fossil Fuel Emissions Factors are derived from the EIA (Carbon Dioxide Emissions Coefficients)
  3. Negative emission results indicate a net increase in emissions

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