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EPRI and EEI Launch an Innovative eLearning Tool on Electric Lift Trucks

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and Edison Electric Institute (EEI) with the support of Southern Company, have launched an “e-learning” tool to help utilities and vehicle manufacturers support and develop the market for electric lift trucks.

As electric-powered alternatives to traditional internal combustion vehicles earn greater market share, potential buyers need information and tools to help them evaluate their options with respect to costs, emissions, worker health and other issues. The new online learning tool is intended to support the work of utility account managers and their major customers in evaluating and selecting electric-powered lift trucks. These vehicles are manufactured by globally known companies and serve such diverse markets as airports, warehouses, and container ports, where they handle everything from baggage to inventory to freight.

In developing the tool, EPRI and EEI focused on bringing together in one place the growing body of information and data on electric lift trucks. This can equip account managers with the information needed to begin a conversation and inform purchasing decisions. Utilities can integrate the tool and its constantly updated information base into their larger information and databases for sales support and market development.

The plan is to supplement the online tool with case studies, customer testimonials, and other sales support information that becomes available as the market develops. Plans also call for the addition of other electrification applications, such as electric truck refrigeration units, airport ground support equipment, and commercial fleets.

Market growth and development is expected across the portfolio of electrification options as buyers realize the value in all the options of lower costs, reduced emissions, reduced maintenance expenses and improved worker health.

The eLearning Tool on Electric Lift Trucks is available for viewing through the Electric Transportation Lift Trucks Page.

For more information or to receive the program files directly, contact Kellen Schefter at or Andra Rogers at

To implement the tool on your own server for the benefit of your employees please visit the EPRI webpage to download the full files.