EPRI and EEI Launch an Innovative eLearning Tool on Electric Lift Trucks

By: Amy Thompson
November 2014

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and Edison Electric Institute (EEI) with the support of Southern Company, have launched an “e-learning” tool to help utilities and vehicle manufacturers support and develop the market for electric lift trucks.

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Plug-In 2014

By: Karen Larsen
April 2014

Mark Your Calendars Now!

Plug-In 2014 is the premier electric vehicle conference in the United States and the best venue to discuss, debate, and move forward on the key policy, technology, and market issues critical to the long-term success of electric vehicles.

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EPRI Explores the Costs and Benefits of Electrifying Material Handling Equipment

EPRI Explores the Costs and Benefits of Electrifying Material Handling Equipment (Excerpt from EPRI State of Technology 2013)

By: Andra Rogers
Summer 2013

The 2013 State of the Technology report highlights EPRI’s research, development, and demonstration programs that are helping to shape the power system of the future – a system that will be more flexible, resilient, and connected. The report also showcases how we are placing equal emphasis on operating, maintaining, and improving the current system to ensure that electricity continues to be affordable, reliable, and environmentally responsible. Note that printed copies of this publication reference EPRI Product ID 3002001744, and the electronic version of the entire report can be found here:

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2013 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales: A Success Story

By: Morgan Davis
July 2013

Most of us recognize that the process of getting gasoline from the oil well to your car's fuel tank is complicated, but few recognize that the process of getting electricity to your home or workplace is complicated also. Electricity can come from many different sources and locations. As the driver of a plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) it is important for you to understand where the electricity you use to charge your vehicle comes from, what it means to refuel your vehicle from electricity, and to maximize the many benefits of electric drive.

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