2013 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales: A Success Story

July 2013

The future looks bright for plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) 30 months after their launch into the auto market. In May 2013, over 100,000 electric vehicles were recorded on the road; as of June 30th, sales surpassed 116,000 vehicles–a significant benchmark considering it is 163% higher than hybrid sales in the same timeframe. Hybrid vehicles took 5 years to reach this benchmark.

PEV sales are likely to double in 2013 compared to 2012 while new vehicles are entering the market this summer. Sales in the second quarter of 2013 are the highest yet: up 121% over the first quarter of 2013, selling well over 23,000 units. If PEV sales stay at current levels through the end of the year, total PEV sales in 2013 are likely to double again by year's end as more customers adopt and realize the benefits and cost savings of electric vehicles.

It is estimated that a third of PEVs are in the State of California alone. While this is significant, the numbers of vehicles within the state are expected to rise even higher as Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) standards require Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to sell more vehicles within the state. California, however, is not the only state that has a ZEV mandate: ten other states also have one, and this number is expected to grow. Despite OEM pushback, legislative bodies are not relenting and sales of these vehicles will continue for the foreseeable future.

Technical Contact

Morgan Davis
Project Engineer / Scientist